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Dwelling with Neighbors: Clothespin House

Architecture - Community Engagement - Neighborhood Development

This project is an exploration in radical proximity through shared space. Each unit only has a kitchen or a dining space so as to foster a sharing of cultures & diverse perspectives among interior neighbors. The site is adjacent to lots that my peers designed and we communicated to incorporate elements that could connect with external neighbors. Through this we established a collective space between the sites.

The design proposal for the Clothespin House is based in the basic form created when two chothespins are attached to one another. Though this project in it’s optimal program has four apartments, the stacking of the modules allows for subtraction and addition to the building. With this project I wanted to bring together a group of individuals who, when utilizing community space and spending time with one another, could potentially become a found family. The center of the building is where this community happens as each apartment either has a dining room or a kitchen to make sure people have to gather and share spaces with other. There is also a common space on the bottom floor, as well as an outer balcony on top.

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