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RECKONING: Healing After Hating

Monument Design - Architecture - Community Engagement - Empathic Design - Audio Editing

Reckoning was crafted as a study on monumentality in response to the Unite the Right rally in Downtown Charlottesville & Torchlit march through Grounds that occurred in August 2017. It was then expanded to include our own Arts Grounds after the mass shooting that occurred in Campbell Hall’s backyard in November 2022. The loop of conflict is a walk in Downtown Charlottesville through Market Street Park - formally Robert E. Lee Park, Justice Square - where the Stonewall Jackson Statue was, and the historically Black Maplewood cemetery before looping back around while hitting buildings that embody unrest in our community such as City Hall and the Police Department. The design intervention culminates as the Seeing Monument in Market Street Park, an Arts and Cultural Center at Justice Square, and the Aisle Monument in front of the Culbreth Parking Garage. The Aisle Monument was designed to occupy the same feeling and amount of space as a tour bus – which is where the November shooting occurred. All spaces are designed to provide vessels to see each other, our community, and our relationships through all of the chaos hatred leaves in its wake using “squiggle” panels to look through. The project also includes the Reckoning Soundscape (Hellscape) which is a collection of audio snippets documenting the 2017 protests and their aftermath. The entire project is built to find a way to reckon with the hatred that has always filled Charlottesville and figure out a way to move forward as a community.

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