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Temporary Housing: Triplet  Towers

Architecture - Interior Design

Design of a temporary housing project for visiting faculty at the Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond between Broad Street and Arthur Ashe Boulevard, which are streets uniting Richmond’s The Fan District, Museum District, and Scott’s Addition Historic District.” In moving on from the Clothespin House, I knew that I wanted to work with a similar module shape as well as stacking those modules in a way that would form a central axis that would become a shared space. Triplet Towers is a culmination of three towers that work as their own little neighborhoods that find a common ground on the ground level, mid level, and top level, of their outdoor acension. This common ground and the ground of the site correlate through three main spaces reflected above and below that work as gardens, work spaces, and relaxation spaces. Something I wanted to tackle in this exercise, was how working at home looks much different now and how that can relate to a broader scope of a city. There is a library that forms a barrier against West Broad Street and works as a filter that allows all citizens into the site, but only residens through and into the residential area. 

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